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I wanted to write this note to let people know how impressed I am with the quality of services I received. I called them up last Christmas to get my squeaky garage doors repaired. Mark had reached our house within a few minutes of my calling them up and began to ask me what the problem with my garage door was. After hearing my horror stories with the problems I had faced to get it repaired, he said that the problem was mainly with my spring. He immediately gave me a quote for doing the job and I began to reflect on the different quotes I had received in my mind and agreed. The moment he finished repairing my garage door, it was better than when it was new.

Joe H.

Cibolo, Texas

I wanted to make it known how professional this company is. A few weeks ago, I just did not know what to do regarding my garage door. It just wouldn’t shut properly, leaving space for intruders to barge in. It became a nightmare for me. Then, I suddenly decided to look up garage door repair services on the internet and came across a website listed on Facebook. Of course, I did check out the 1Choice Garage Door testimonials provided on their website before going for their services. I emailed them and within minutes of my calling up, David turns up on my door and listens carefully to my case. He repaired my garage door within a few minutes and I didn’t face any problem with my garage door after that.

Greg R.

San Antonio, Texas

Just a few weeks ago, I found myself locked out of my garage and the doors that usually open automatically wouldn’t budge. I just did not know what to do when my wife suggested that I look up the internet. I came across many listings but none of them had what I wanted. Then, my neighbor, Jackson came to me and asked me to read the 1Choice Garage Door testimonials on the internet. I was simply impressed with them and decided to go for their services. I called them up and within no time, their mechanic turned up and suggested that my garage door needs to be replaced. He did the job within no time and I got back my peace of mind. I would suggest their services to anyone who needs quick garage door related services.

Scott J.

San Antonio, Texas

My door was squeaky and noisy and was hard to open or close. I called the 1Choise Garage Door Company and my experience with them was really good. I called them for repairing my mom’s garage door also and in both the cases the experience was great. They replaced rollers and springs and did extra efforts but the money they took was really genuine. I am extremely happy with their work and I am going to call them every time I need anything related to a garage door.

James T.

Boerne, Texas

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