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How do I open my garage door in case the power goes out?

The door can be opened from inside using an emergency release cord. You can find it hanging from the mounted overhead opener. As much as possible, do not release it when the garage door is open.

How long does an automatic garage door opener last?

An automatic garage door opener can last for as long as 15 to 20 years on an average. Depending on how often you maintain it, your garage door opener could even last for 25 years. Read our FAQ further for more details.

How often should I maintain my garage door opener?

Your garage door opener should be serviced once a year along with your garage door, which is the biggest moving equipment in your house. If you want it to last long, make sure you get it repaired on time when it stops working or get it replaced, depending on what the technician advises you.

How would I be able to tell that my door spring is working?

With your door fully closed, make sure you pull the red release cord to disconnect the operator. Let go of the door after opening the door halfway by hand. Even though some drifting may occur, the door will stay in pretty much the same position. If the door moves, then take the help of trained technicians to service it.

There was a loud bang from our garage. What could it have been?

The spring of your garage door could have most likely broken or they must have snapped after years of use. It would be better to hire the services of fully trained technicians to repair or replace the springs. If there is a gap of 2” in the spring, you would most likely need to get both your springs replaced since repair is not an option here.

How do I contact you for your services?

Simply log on to our website and fill up our enquiry form. We will also tell you how to get discounts on our services via email or telephonically. Alternatively, you can call us up and set up an appointment with us.

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